Emergency Light Manufacturers-Led Emergency Light: Why Is It Popular?


LED emergency lights are not the only option for your vehicle, but they are the best choice for improving visibility and improving road safety.

Volunteer firefighters, law enforcement officers and EMT often equip their personal vehicles with LED lighting. Safety companies, towing services and roadside maintenance personnel also choose LEDs. Utility service technicians and construction workers also drive vehicles equipped with LED emergency lights, which are the first choice for off-road vehicles.

Why is it popular? What makes LED lighting better than other options on the market?

Comparison of LED lights with halogen and HID
Vehicle emergency lights usually have halogen, HID or LED bulbs. Check out the differences between them below, and you will understand why most people decide to use LED lights.

Halogen lamp

The halogen lamp is the oldest light bulb, and its working principle is the same as the incandescent lamp you use in household lamps. The electric charge heats the metal wire in the bulb, and the resulting chemical reaction produces lighting.

Although halogen lamps are usually the cheapest option for emergency vehicle lights, halogen lamps are less efficient, less durable, and relatively darker than HID and LED. In addition, they have the shortest service life among the three bulbs. Halogen can last 450 to 1000 hours, but on average, most will be depleted in about 800 hours.

HID lights

High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps (also known as xenon lamps) function like neon lamps. The high voltage pulse ionizes the xenon gas in the bulb, creating an arc between the two tungsten electrodes. This will vaporize the internal metal salt and release energy in the form of light.

Compared with halogen, HID is an absolute upgrade. They produce about twice the brightness, and can work for at least 2000 hours. However, they are not functioning properly in all weather conditions, and the efficiency of HID decreases over time. In addition, this type of lighting can cause intense glare to other motorists.

LED lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs produce lighting through a unique process called electroluminescence. The charge activates the flow of electrons around the semiconductor in the bulb, and as the electrons move, they emit bright light.

LED lamps have high energy efficiency, are very durable, and are much brighter than halogen lamps. In addition, LED does not produce any glare like HID. The most important thing is that LED lighting can be used for up to 50,000 hours-this means that even if they are used for 12 hours a day, they can continue to be used for more than 10 years.

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